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Upcoming Events

  • A day of prayer for Ireland
    A day of prayer for Ireland
    Join us as we pray as one body to lift up our nation, our leaders, for discernment to do what is right and for protection from the many challenges that lie ahead.
  • Water Baptism
    Water Baptism
    Let's witness & support those taking Water Baptism, 11 AM, Sat 21st April
  • Team Building & Prayer
    Team Building & Prayer
    Leaders' Meeting Q1 2024
  • Larry Sparks
    Larry Sparks
    We are delighted to have Larry Sparks, an author and publisher for Destiny Image, USA. He will be joining us for a Sunday evening service in the Ringside. All are welcome!
  • Conflict Resolution- Couples Workshop 2024
    Conflict Resolution- Couples Workshop 2024
    Are you and your partner caught in a cycle of disagreements? Do these heated moments leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, and yearning for a better way to communicate? Join our workshop, where love meets the Bible and practical strategies to transform conflict into deeper connections.
  • Clem Ferris
    Clem Ferris
    We are delighted to have Clem Ferris from USA to address our Leaders and Teams. He is an international ministry and missions' traveller who equips believers through a strong combination of teaching and prophetic ministry.
  • Impact Annual Camp
    Impact Annual Camp
    Impact are having their second summer camp this August. We are so excited to be holding it in Castlewellan Castle, Northern Ireland. This will be a fun-packed weekend of worship, teaching sessions, games and activities for 18-35 year olds.

Need Prayer?

We have a dedicated team who will bring your prayer requests to the Lord. You can send us a message online or come pray with us in person.

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