We are a mission-orientated church with a congregation of people from 50 different nations. From the beginning, we have had a heart to support mission works throughout the world. These works include Tear Fund, Overland Missions, Mission work in Amazonia, Venezuela, New Life Nicaragua and IENA in Mozambique. We also have our own Bread of Life Outreach which feeds the homeless in Dublin city.

     Another aspect of our missions is to help girls trapped in sex trafficking and prostitution so we support Pure Hope and Ruhama.

Ryan & Kimberly Penn

Ryan & Kimberly Penn




Project One Day in Africa is a voluntary, non-profit project. Our vision as missionaries is to meet the basic social and educational needs of the local children in Mozambique. We also desire to give our time and love to find homes for the children who live in shacks and cardboard boxes in the suburban areas. Part of our project has been to build orphanages and in this practical way demonstrate the love of Jesus.

EDUCATION is not the only problem, the lack of hope created by frustrated expectations is yet another dilemma experienced by these people. The projects of LITERACY, MUSIC CLASS, COMPUTER SCHOOL, SOCCER CLASS AND ENGLISH CLASS, aim at a better quality of life for children in the future. The project will count on periodic visits of specialists in the educational areas.

The projects works in areas where poverty and precarious education are most evident in regions where access to health, education and housing are more difficult.



VALENCIA - Zulia - Tachira - Barinas - Bolivar - Portuguesa

Venezuela has been suffering from an ongoing economic crisis that has been getting worse over time. People are suffering from food shortages and hyperinflation, creating chaos and instability throughout the country. Minimum wages (currently less than $2 per month) are insufficient to meet a family’s basic needs.  More importantly, their hope of a better future is threatened by the country situation.

HOPE FOR VENEZUELA MINISTRY Hope for Venezuela is a ministry created to provide families with food and supplies In connection with the local churches. It is not only goods that we supply but we also have the doors open to share the gospel and bring the hope of God to each family. This is only possible with the help of donors and local churches through international donations around the world.


One year ago All Nations Church started bringing Hope for Venezuela through this ministry and thanks to all the donations of their faithful members, we have provided food for more than 900 families and we have reached 20 different locations around the country.


You can also be part of bringing hope to Venezuela. Through your donations, we are able to spread the gospel to many people and provide food to families in need.



Instagram: @hope_for_venezuela




We are based in Manaus, the capital city of the Amazon. Manaus was known at the beginning of the century as the Heart of the Amazon and the City of the Forest. Manaus is nature’s gateway into the Amazon Jungle and here at Manaus’ airport began my journey of reaching the local and lost communities.

There are many social inequalities and there are few Christians working hard to change the social and spiritual reality of this place. I know that God has looked with love to this land and has opened his eyes and placed love in the hearts of some of his children who are beginning to lead hope, love and truth of the Lord to others.

When I was flying into Manaus, I was contemplating the beauty as I flew over the dense jungle and first saw the giant Amazon river. The land is incredibly rich in history, culture and natural beauty. This land is very precious to the world’s environmental health but yet the people do not seem to greatly appreciate the land. They are very focused on personal hygiene but the streets, landscape and the rivers are extremely dirty and polluted because they do not take care of their environment. Often I see people simply throw things into the river or throw things out of their windows. 

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