We are a mission-orientated church with a congregation of people from 50 different nations. From the beginning, we have had a heart to support mission works throughout the world. These works include Overland Missions, Hope for Venezuela and New Life Nicaragua. We also have our own Bread of Life Outreach which feeds the homeless in Dublin city.


Another aspect of our missions is to help girls trapped in sex trafficking and prostitution so we support Pure Hope and Ruhama.


Ryan & Kimberly Penn

Ryan & Kimberly Penn



We support JD & Tricia Brown Co-directors of Expeditions Worldwide at Overland Missions as well as Joanna Mara, a Missionary at Overland Mission. 


Since its creation in 1999, Overland Missions has worked to expand its reach for Christ around the globe. From our beginnings in Zambia, Africa, where they now have 63 staff members they have extended their reach to four continents. They now have 198 full-time missionaries living in 15 countries, managing 22 ministry sectors. They currently have projects that provide clean water, medical aid, and agricultural sustainability that let them focus on both the physical and the spiritual needs of people as we transform forgotten peoples by making disciples and developing leaders.


VALENCIA - Zulia - Tachira - Barinas - Bolivar - Portuguesa

Venezuela has been suffering from an ongoing economic crisis that has been getting worse over time. People are suffering from food shortages and hyperinflation, creating chaos and instability throughout the country. Minimum wages (currently less than $2 per month) are insufficient to meet a family’s basic needs.  More importantly, their hope of a better future is threatened by the country situation.

HOPE FOR VENEZUELA FOUNDATION provides families with food and supplies in connection with the local churches. They also have the doors open to share the gospel and bring the hope of God to each family. This is only possible with the help of donors and local churches through international donations around the world.


Thanks to all the donations from All Nations Church, we have provided food for more than 2,000 families and we have reached 20 different locations around the country! You can also be part of bringing hope to Venezuela. Through your generosity, we are able to spread the gospel to many people and provide food to families in need.



Contacts: David Ferrer, Joizeth Waldmann de Ferrer
Email: hfvfoundation@gmail.com

Instagram: @hope_for _venezuela_foundation

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