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Recent Testimonies

This Christian journey can be very difficult at times when you consider the many challenges of life. We’re all struggling with something, and it can be a bit lonely if you feel like you are struggling by yourself or that no one understands what you’re going through. We know from Revelation 12:11 that one of the ways to overcome the enemy is through the word of our testimony!

We are calling on the overcomers to share your story of how God came through for you! Did you win the battle of addiction? Did you walk away from an abusive relationship? Are you no longer anxious, depressed, filled with guilt or shame? Would you be willing to share your story to help encourage others? If so, please fill out this form below and send us your testimony. You may keep it anonymous if you prefer, this is all about giving Glory to God and encouraging the Body of Christ! 

I spent many years believing I was a Christian, yet I never had a relationship with God. I didn’t read the Bible, I resented going to Church (where I could never concentrate anyway) and I had never experienced any real connection to God. A few years ago I decided to join the Bible school class at All Nations. After only a few weeks, many of the questions I held in my heart for years about Father God, the world, good and evil were answered. Things were finally coming into focus. Years of hurts were healing in my heart and hope was stirring within me. Trust began to build up that God was really good and really cared for me. A few months later I acknowledged my sin, confessed it all to Jesus and received Him as my Lord and Saviour through faith. Everything has changed since then! I am a new creature in Christ! Praise God!

- Leigh N.

The Lord's presence is definitely at All Nations church. My lower back was hundred percent healed during worship by the Holy Spirit. Praise Jesus.


Thank you Jesus for your finished work on the cross!

- Wendy M.

I actually come to worship at All Nations church all the way from Dundalk. This is not because I couldn't find a church at Dundalk, but distance doesn't matter when you are at the right place. What I noticed was every time I worship at All nations church I can't explain the joy and peace. After every Sunday service, I feel a divine encounter with GOD. I feel I am at a place where I can be fully open and deep down in my heart I know I am here for GOD and I don't have to pretend. I feel this Inner joy and peace.

Thankful for coming across a wonderful church like this.

- Anonymous

My husband and I had desired children for many years. We weren’t getting pregnant and I eventually began having health complications relating to fertility. An ultrasound revealed issues that would make conceiving a child nearly impossible without a costly invasive surgery. When we received this news I had been learning about healing at All Nations Bible School - how healing belongs to the Believer through faith in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross! I understood that this was an opportunity to stand in faith for complete healing of these issues. I wasn’t afraid at all, just ready to see God move in awesome ways!


Over the next couple months, many things transpired - during one worship service my husband felt the Holy Spirit heal him of health issues relating to fertility (that he didn’t even know that he had!) God showed him that he was healing both of us to have our babies! A month later, my complications also disappeared completely and we were soon pregnant with our first son. All praise goes to Jesus Christ - Yahweh-Rapha - By His stripes, we are HEALED! (1 Peter 2:24)

- Anonymous

I want to testify of God's goodness, grace and favour in my life. I will give a summary: I have been taught how to arrest impure thoughts using the Word of God (from Bible school and the Word of God). I have grown spiritually. For someone that had a short focus span, I have been able to pray for much longer. I also prayed for healing for myself and others and they got healed.

God taught me how to trust in him for provision. God blessed my parents, and family who were able to help me through school and upkeep. I got an amazing graduate job. My relationship with my family members improved.


God showed me how He really forgives. (When He forgives, He forgets and truly keeps no records) I have been set free from the sins I committed in my past. I met such amazing people this year, from Church, work etc.

There is so much more.

God has been faithful.

Thank you Lord.

- Sheila A.

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