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Baby Room


On Sunday mornings we have a live feed of the service in the chapel next to the National Stadium. Go through the car park right next to the Hertz Garage. There are blue double doors with signs on front. 


It is cosy with couches, play mats, toys and a nappy changing facility. This room is intended for parents with babies / toddlers under 3 years of age. It is nice and warm and is a great opportunity to get to know other parents!


We ask that we keep it to 1 parent in the room at a time, to conserve space. Mums may be nursing, so if dads could please give mums the priority to the couches and space / privacy to do so, that would be appreciated.

We have a Whatsapp group that you can join (ask Pastor Joanna). This group will notify everyone if the room isn't available on a Sunday. It will also connect you to the various available mom meet-ups!


There is also a class for 3-4 years upstairs (above Chapel room). See more info on kids' services.

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