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The Bread of Life outreach team meets every Tuesday night at 7pm at the GPO in town. We serve our friends hot meals, tea, coffee and warm clothes. The most important part of this ministry though, is offering people our time, a listening ear and praying with them for their needs. These are ways that we share the love of Christ and gives us an opportunity to present them with the Gospel message - the good news of what Jesus has done for each one of us on the cross! 


We’ve seen the Lord do absolutely amazing things through this ministry over the years. An encounter with the living God changes lives and can be seen in so many tangible ways! Just a few weeks ago while handing out Gospel fliers we saw several people give their lives to the Lord Jesus. We’ve seen them and others leave the streets behind, go to rehabilitation centres, return home,  reunite with their families and some join the Body of Christ at All Nations Church! We’re always encouraged when they share what God has done. One testimony of a transformed life can reap many souls for the Kingdom of God!


God is truly moving through our dedicated volunteers on the streets of Dublin and has a very special anointing on this ministry. We believe that more precious souls will hear the good news, receive Jesus by grace through faith and serve him in such mighty ways. He has such great plans for every believer! Thank you for all your continued prayers and donations to this important ministry!

Bread of Life

Drama is a large part of our evangelism outreach. We have done three powerful dramas in the past year: Son of God at Easter, A King is Born at Christmas and Patrick - Sinner, Slave, Saint on St Patrick’s Day. For each of these drama productions, we went out into the local area and the streets around Dublin to give flyers inviting people to come along. The scripts were written by Pastor John and the cast made up from people in our church. Music and dance are also an important feature of our dramas. See photos below of some of these events. 

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