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Year 1- Class 1

Spring term: 15th Apr - 17th Jun


  • 15th April: "Introductory  Night"

  • 22nd April: "In the Beginning" - Gill Chew

  • 29th April: "The Fall of Man" - Gill Chew

  • 06th May: "The Power of the Cross" - Gill Chew

  • 13th May: "The New Birth" - Gill Chew

  • 20th May: "Spirit, Soul and Body" - Patricia De Courcy

  • 27th May: "Renewing the Mind" - Ps Joanna Ahern

  • 03rd June: "The Person of the Holy Spirit" - Anne Neasy

  • 10th June: "Our Identity in Christ" - Gill Chew

  • 17th June: "Faith and the Word" - Gill Chew

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