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Intentionally loving your spouse, to purposely honour God.


Agape is led by Valentin and Genesis Salumu. They have been married since 2015 and have two boys.


Our mission is to equip married couples to build up a Christ centred marriage and home that honour's God. 

Marriage as depicted in Scripture symbolizes the bond between Christ and the church, serving as the bedrock of a robust church and society. It is a lifelong covenant intended between a man and a woman, with God's active participation deemed essential. The most fulfilling marriages are those centered on Christ, with both partners committed to God and His teachings.

Meets every fortnightly on a Wednesday at 7 pm in the Chapel, National Boxing Stadium to share the word of God, pray and have fun together. 


Stay up to date with all of the Agape events such as Marriage on the Rock, fellowship through our International buffet, games night and so much more by contacting us through the Get Connected Desk on Sundays.

Upcoming event: Conflict Resolution- Couples Workshop 2024

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