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Conflict Resolution- Couples Workshop 2024


Unlocking Harmony: Conflict Resolution Workshop for married and soon to be married couples.

Don’t let unresolved conflicts steal your joy. Join us and transform your marriage.

Why Attend?
   • Resolve Disagreements: Learn biblical truths on how to navigate disagreements with grace and understanding. 
   • Break the Cycle: No more tip-toeing around each other or explosive blow-ups. Discover how to interrupt those familiar patterns.
   • Uncover Triggers: Understand the key triggers behind the emotions that arise during disagreements. 
   • Effective Strategies: We put effective strategies at your fingertips. Handle conflict better, recover faster and create a calmer, happier marriage.
What You’ll Gain:
   1. Insightful Understanding: Visualize what happens during the conflict cycle. Know when to pause, reflect, and redirect before things spiral out of control.
   2. Emotional Intelligence: Recognize the thoughts and feelings triggered when you’re at odds with your spouse. Break free from old patterns.
   3. Practical Tools: It’s time to change how you view, think about, and react to conflict.

   • Duration:2 hours 
   • Content: Dive into common triggers and response tactics for handling conflict
   • Experience: Benefit from over 75 years of couples coaching wisdom
   • Availability: On-demand workshop. Please register here.

NOTE: Registrations are booked per couple.

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