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Time & Location:

07 Nov, 19:30 

All Nations Church

National Boxing Stadium
145 S Circular Rd, Saint Catherine's, Dublin, D08 HY40, Ireland

About the Event:

Many of us have been deeply grieved by the barbarity of the attacks on Oct 7th, particularly the attacks on women, children and the family. There are thousands of Israeli families who are grieving at this time. In light of the worldwide outpouring of hatred towards the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel that we are witnessing, it is vitally important that we show support and solidarity with them in this dark time.


If thousand are marching calling for jihad and the destruction of Israel, surely we can come together as the Church to gather with the Jewish brothers and sisters on this special night to express our sympathy, support and love for them.


“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” Says your God” Isaiah 40:1.


Have we obeyed this command corporately as the Body of Christ? Not yet. Kristallnacht (Nov 10th, 1938) marked the beginning of persecution of Jews in Germany and takes on an added significance this year.


We learn from the past or we are doomed to repeat it.

Hope to see you and your congregation there on the night. So save the date!


 God bless you all,

Pastor John

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