Pastor Sharon Parkes

May 16th 2018

Sharon Parkes is ordained with Christian International, founded by Dr. Bill Hamon, and she and her husband Bob serve as the Director for The Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Christian International Network of Churches.  They also have founded and launched CI – Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Network.

She travels nationally and internationally training up Healing & deliverance teams in local churches and conducting seminars and conferences. Her vision is to see deliverance restored to to the local Church.

Sharon has authored 3 books,  Passport to Freedom and Breaking the Cycle of Abuse.  Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, test to testimony  that will take you through the keys of bringing healing & deliverance to the people.

Bob & Sharon serve as part of the pastoral staff at Vision Church at Christian International and co-labor with Apostles Tom and Jane Hamon and oversee the deliverance needs of VCCI and give training, impartation and oversight to the healing and deliverance teams. They serve as Provincial Leaders for Prince Edward Island for the Prophetic Round table of Canada under Stacey Campbell.

Sharon has a strong prophetic anointing and releases others in that gift.  She releases life and joy as she ministers and she has a heart to see women and men set free from shame and fear and anything else that keeps them from becoming whole healed vessels to be used of God.

She has been on TBN Europe and Sky in London along with radio stations that broadcast internationally such as in Vilnius Lithuania.