Arise Ireland Prayer Conference

09/03/18, 10/03/18, 11/03/18
Fri & Sat 10:30, 19:30 & on Sun 11:00
Paul & Karen Brady

Born and raised in the north of the Emerald Isle (Ireland), Paul and Karen Brady have become a force of reckoning. Passionately they live to see the Kingdom of God built and Jesus lifted high among the nations. With a powerful apostolic and prophetic edge, Paul and Karen are becoming known as influential leaders in the Body of Christ today, cultivating an environment everywhere they go for a fresh move of God’s Spirit in the earth.

Thousands of lives are daily impacted by the Bradys’ strong conviction that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Lord of all. Testimonies of God’s goodness abound wherever they minister as His people are mobilized and activated to become all that He has destined them to be. Love is their mission, fueled by an unfaltering desire to help people receive from Heaven through heartfelt worship and fervent prayer, resulting in revelatory articulation of what the Father is saying in this time.